Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a good editor?


What have you worked on previously?

Some incredible projects featured on this website. They range from short films to theatrical feature docs.


You don't have my exact project on your resume already. Are you going to be able to cut what I imagine?

Unless you inquire for adult projects, chances are I'll be able to show previous experience. Do ask.

Can you cut my trailer/reel/promo clip?

Yes. Love my work.

You have a non-Anglo name. I hesitate to trust you.

The feeling is mutual. When do I start?

I don't think I can afford a senior editor.

Junior at heart. Agreements are best reached at expensive dinners.

How do you like to work?

I tend to enjoy mutual respect and professional manner. I like pantry boundaries and you bringing your own lunch/snack every once in a while.

Can you read my mind or just the script?

I go back and forth until I find something useful.




Cambodian International Film Festival 2017

Three Jewels  – Official selection

HotDocs 2015

Stay Awhile  – Official selection

HotDocs 2012

Breath  – Official selection


ŻUBROFFKA Festival 2011

Tulip, Texas and Us – Grand Prix

Short Film festival Curtocircuito

Children of Karosta – Best Documentary Short


Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2015

Sample Return  Official selection

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